Welcome to the homepage of director Oskari Sipola. This page is currently being revised, and new features will be added shortly, including a more complete biography, a photography portfolio and a blog.

I have made films as a hobby since the age of five. At 22 years old, I was accepted to study Directing for Film and Television at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. I graduated Master of Arts in 2012. All in all, I have directed 18 short films and one feature film, and they have been shown at festivals in 17 countries. In addition I have directed several music videos, commercials and tv-episodes for national broadcast.

I am always on the lookout for new projects, especially music videos and tv-commercials among which I'd love to have more experience.

You can download my CV here (PDF).

My contact info:

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Please enjoy a short showreel of my work, and below, some clips of the films and complete music videos and commercials!

August (2011): Summer begins, Aku graduates high school and faces a great emptiness. As his girlfriend, parents and friends all leave the city, it promises to be the dullest summer ever. Everything changes at Midsummer when Aku meets Juli, a beautiful, strange and wild girl. Juli asks Aku for a ride to eastern Finland. Aku agrees - without any idea what he's getting himself into.

Our Little Brother (2009): 14-year old Matias is being forced to spend the Midsummer holiday with his two adult half-sisters, at their friends' annual Midsummer celebration. Neither Matias or his sisters are excited about the plan - as a result of their parents' messy divorce, they have chosen their sides. At the summer cabin the rift between Matias and his younger big sister Liina tears open and reveals new secrets. A story about children who carry their parents' grudges.

Male Behavior (2011): The alpha males of a small township, taxi driver Pauli and kebab chef Ahmed, compete for the affections of beautiful bank teller Mirva. But what happens when a third competitor arrives in his red convertible?

Male Behavior is a film of the coupling rites of the human species, cultural prejudice and of the thing that we all have in common - how foolish we are when we're looking for love.

Wings and Teeth (2009): 12-year old Iiris is forced to stay in her grandmother's huge old house to take care of her. As she explores the building, she comes upon a secret trapdoor, leading into a basement. There she finds a boy, about her age, chained into the wall.

Enemies Within (2009): Marko and Asko are young men in their twenties. They are cruising around East Helsinki. Their life is a mixture of idleness, alcohol, violence, racism and brotherhood.

Marko has a secret that can't be revealed to Asko. He is having an affair with a black girl. One evening, when Marko returns from the streets with cuts and bruises on his head, Asko sets off an irreversible series of events.